Let’s Make Your Dream Kitchen a Reality in Only 6 Weeks

Introducing Dream Kitchen Academy: A Step-by-Step Program to Design Your Dream Kitchen From Start to Finish

From: The Desk of Ryan Hart, Internationally Recognized Designer
To: Ambitious Homeowners with Outdated Kitchens…

Dear ambitious homeowner,

After desperately searching for kitchen design ideas online… spending hundreds of dollars on design consultations… and wasting countless hours at home improvement stores because you have no other choice

… it’s no wonder your hope for building a dream kitchen is beginning to disappear!

The constant frustration you have with the limited space in your kitchen and aging appliances is making any smidgen of hope for enjoying cooking again a pipe-dream.

I’m here to tell you – it’s not your fault… and there IS hope.

I promise.

If you’re reading this page it shows me you’re serious about designing your dream kitchen. You’ve probably heard both good and bad things about kitchen remodeling… including many different rumors and speculations which may be swaying your impressions one way or another.

So in the next few minutes… I’m going to pull back the velvet curtain and reveal the facts about kitchen remodeling.

Forget everything you’ve read in forums, what your family and friends told you, and even what your kitchen designer told you.

You deserve the truth.

More specifically you deserve to know whether or not kitchen remodeling is right for you. After all, that’s the real reason you’re here isn’t it?

Created by Architectural Consultant and Internationally Recognized Designer, Ryan Hart

My name is Ryan Hart and as an experienced Architectural Consultant and internationally recognized designer I’ve had the opportunity to connect with thousands of homeowners through this site.

As a young designer I began working on multi-million dollar homes in Los Angeles, CA which gave me valuable insights into the home design process. This led me to work with celebrity clients in Beverly Hills, like Jenny Jones and Francis Ford Coppola.

Now I’m opening up my box of tools so you can design your dream home without having to hire a celebrity Architect.

This site is the first step toward helping homeowners design their dream homes on their own terms.

I received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, CA. In addition, I also have a degree in Construction Planning and Management from the Viterbi School of Engineering at USC.

Improve Your Home Value by $37,000 in Only 6 Weeks!

Every year home design magazines release results from their surveys about which home improvement projects provide the best return on investment. Always at the top of the list is kitchen remodeling – on average increasing home resale value by over $37,000!

This is great news for homeowners that are looking to design the kitchen of their dreams and improve their home value at the same time. However, an innocent kitchen remodeling project can end up costing you more than you ever expected without proper planning and design.

Beware of These Expensive Kitchen Design Mistakes!

According to a study by Consumer Reports the most expensive kitchen design mistake was making changes after work had started.

On average, these late changes cost homeowners an additional $1,500!

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

The bad news is that this is just one of the many problems facing the average homeowner when tackling kitchen remodeling projects.

Other common home improvement problems include:

Problem #1

We are overwhelmed by too many design options. Cabinets, countertops, flooring, colors, lighting. How do they all fit together?

Problem #2

We want honest advice and practical tips. Designers always have a conflict of interest and everyone wants you to spend more money.

Problem #3

We want to finish our remodeling projects quickly. But, we are being deceived by 22 minute TV magic and hidden design obstacles we weren’t prepared for.

Problem #4

We want to get the kitchen of our dreams without spending a fortune. However, remodeling costs much more than we expected and budget overruns are inevitable.

Problem #5

We want professional design advice without being forced into paying a designer by the hour. However, no designer will give you any tips until you sign a hefty contract. This is a non-starter.

Problem #6

We want to hire an honest, hard-working contractor. Unfortunately, contractor scams are one of the top consumer complaints nationwide!

P.S. Dream Kitchen Academy was designed to solve these problems and many more – all from the comfort of your home.

Kitchen Design Advice You Can Trust

Have you noticed something strange going on in the kitchen design community?

Everywhere I turn for kitchen design ideas or advice online I’m bombarded with ads, popups and never-ending photo slideshows.

Finding high-quality kitchen design advice is almost impossible without having to dig through the filler.

Most of the articles avoid answering my most pressing questions. Plus, many of these articles are published by freelance writers, not professional designers.

Are you starting to see the problem here?

I feel like I have the same frustration when I turn on my favorite home improvement TV shows. The extreme renovation projects that transform kitchens practically overnight leave me wanting more.

It makes me nervous that this “TV magic” will leave ambitious homeowners unprepared when they decide to remodel their own kitchen.

What does it really take to transform your kitchen on a limited budget and a short-schedule? You’ll find out inside Dream Kitchen Academy.

Get Your Dream Kitchen Without Spending a Fortune

Kitchen designers are going to be angry that I’m giving away all of their trade secrets. But that’s my job – to help you design your dream kitchen on your own terms.

Do you know who’s working in your best interest? It might not be who you think.

Cabinet makers and outlets usually have a kitchen designer on staff ready to help you start your renovation. But beware, they’re not on your team.

The kitchen designers that offer “free” floorplans are working for the cabinet makers. When you purchase cabinets through them, they take the design fee out of your order.

Do you think they will be helping you to increase your home value by making smart design decisions or will they be trying to sell you cabinets?

Most likely it will be the latter.

Here you get real kitchen design advice with no conflict of interest. Your style, your dream kitchen.

Real Kitchen Design Ideas from Professional Designers

I believe professional designers always deliver exceptional value to their clients. But what if you love DIY?

Or what if you want design ideas but aren’t ready to remodel or pay a designer to work on your dream kitchen?

Dream Kitchen Academy will help you design your dream kitchen in 6 weeks. Plus, it will be here for you when you decide to jump in and get your hands dirty – whether that’s next month or next year.

Architects and Certified Kitchen Designers charge a percentage of your project budget or an hourly rate that adds up fast.

When you’re being paid a percentage of the project cost, guess what your designer wants you to do? SPEND MORE MONEY!

We’re here to help you design a high-end kitchen while staying under budget and increasing your home value along the way.

Printable Kitchen Floor Plans

I’ve bought just about every type of kitchen design and floor plan book on the market.

What I’ve discovered is that most homeowners don’t want to learn about building codes, walkway clearances, and elevations just to design their own kitchen.

They want professionally designed floor plans that they can use to build their dream kitchen.

While I was building this course, my primary goal was to deliver floor plans in a format that you could use to inspire your next kitchen remodeling project.

I’ve spent countless sleepless nights drawing floor plans, reading product specifications and looking at kitchen materials – so you don’t have to.

Instead of learning complex kitchen design software you should be using your time to enjoy life.

Spend time playing games with your family, going on vacation or enjoying a glass of wine over a delicious dinner with a loved one. Leave the drafting to me.

Exact Materials and Color Combinations You Can Use

One of the biggest problems my clients face is having too many options. How can they choose timeless materials and color palettes when there is an overwhelming amount of choices?

We put together the materials that will increase your home value and give you the greatest results without spending a fortune.

How do you know if you need marble, quartz, granite, tile, concrete?

We make choosing the right materials easy and fun.

But Dream Kitchen Academy isn’t for everyone…

If you expect professional kitchen design advice for free, or if you’re the “I can find this online for free” person – this course is not for you.

Good luck navigating the photo slideshows, ads and popups for the golden ticket to your dream kitchen.

I’ll be happy to let you evaluate hundreds of materials and color palettes that seamlessly blend with your home. It’s possible if you have an insane amount of free time, want to go to home shows all over the country, and hate taking vacations or spending time with your friends and family.

Who is the Dream Kitchen Academy For?

  • Homeowners that want to take charge of their home value.
  • Anyone that wants a head start before they work with a cabinet maker or showroom consultant.
  • Those who love to design in their free time and want a professional guide or design tutor.

Get an inside look at the Dream Kitchen Academy

Week 1: Collecting Design Inspiration

  • Where to find the best kitchen design ideas online
  • How to become a Pinterest design pro
  • How to create your project notebook
  • Take the “Style Quiz” and discover your kitchen style

Week 2: Kitchen Layouts & Floor Plans

  • How to correctly measure your kitchen
  • 5 types of kitchen layouts and why they’re important
  • One weird trick to increase your kitchen size
  • How to draw your dream kitchen floor plans without expensive software
  • Printable Kitchen Floor Plans
  • Kitchen Work Triangle Formula
  • Kitchen Island Layouts

Week 3: Perfect Materials and Timeless Colors

  • Professionally Designed Material Palettes
  • Expert Color Combinations
  • Kitchen Flooring Guide
  • Backsplash Design and Installation

Week 4: All About Kitchen Cabinets

  • Choosing Your Kitchen Cabinets
  • Guide to Painting & Refacing Cabinets
  • Kitchen Storage Solutions
  • The Perfect Pantry

Week 5: Budgets and Schedules

  • Increase Your Home Value with Kitchen Remodeling
  • Planning your Remodeling Budget
  • Remodeling Cost Breakdown – What does it cost?
  • Kitchen ROI – Does it Matter?
  • Financing: Home Equity Loans and Peer to Peer Lending

Week 6: Hiring Help

  • How to hire a kitchen designer
  • 5 questions you must ask before you get design help
  • Why hiring the wrong contractor could cost you big time
  • What you must know about product and workmanship warranties

Backed By My Personal 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I believe that this course will help you design and build a kitchen of your dreams on a budget and in less time.

How many kitchen designers do you know that will refund your money if you’re not satisfied with their work?

Probably zero.

If you use this material and it doesn’t make the kitchen design process easier or give you the tools to tackle your dream kitchen within 30 days, I will give you your money back.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars building this course and I personally guarantee it.

So, here’s my promise to you:

If you’re not satisfied I will open my checkbook and happily refund your money.

"Yes! I'm Ready to Finally Design the Kitchen of My Dreams"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who should join Dream Kitchen Academy?

A: Everyone! Let me explain – Dream Kitchen Academy is a step-by-step program to help you design the kitchen of your dreams on your own terms. You’ll discover how to avoid costly mistakes and find huge discounts on high-quality materials along the way.

The best part is, ANYONE can do this. You don’t need to be an expert designer and you don’t need any remodeling experience. All you need to join our growing community of people who have already benefited from this program is determination, patience and belief in yourself.

Q: I have a busy life. How will I find time to participate in Dream Kitchen Academy?

A: The beauty of Dream Kitchen Academy is you can go through it at your own pace. All you really need is one hour per week to go through the videos.

And if you’re too busy to do it on certain day, don’t worry! You can just pick up where you left off when you get the time. No matter what pace you do it at, within time you’ll still experience all the life-changing benefits I’ve told you about.

Q: Why is the Material Released Over 6-Weeks?

A: You might be wondering why you can’t jump into all of the material right away – it’s a good question.

The fact is that designing and remodeling your kitchen can be an overwhelming process. There is a seemingly infinite number of material choices and design layouts.

In addition, you have to deal with setting a budget, getting financing and creating a schedule. And that’s just the beginning!

There is so much to learn while designing your dream kitchen – it’s no wonder that the best designers spend decades mastering their craft. That’s why most homeowners become overwhelmed if they don’t have someone to help them through the process.

Reducing stress and overwhelm was my number one goal for creating this course in the first place. We are going to go through the process step by step, so designing your dream kitchen is simple and easy to understand.

At the end of each section you will have “Action Items” to complete before the following week (Yes, that means there will be homework). I encourage you to complete each item before jumping ahead to the next video. The lesson sequence was carefully crafted to guarantee that you get the most out of the course in the shortest amount of time possible.

Q. Why should I join Dream Kitchen Academy when I can do this on my own?

A: A recent study by Consumer Reports found that the average kitchen design mistake costs homeowners over $1,500! I don’t want you to suffer this same fate.

Dream Kitchen Academy will walk you through the design process so you can avoid these costly mistakes and focus on what’s important: designing a kitchen you love.

If you were to design your kitchen by yourself where would you turn for help when you get stuck? Inside the course you’ll get access to our step-by-step program and you’ll join a community of other homeowners that have already gone through the program.

Q: How Does This Course Work?

A: The course material will be delivered over a series of 6-weeks. Each set of materials will be delivered exactly 7 days apart. So, if you signed up on Tuesday, you’ll receive a new email each Tuesday with links to the next chapter.

If you signed up today, then you currently have access to the Welcome video, Kitchen Remodeling Myths video, and the Kitchen Design Mistakes video as well as all of the Week 1 material.

Q: How Can I Access The Lessons?

A: Dream Kitchen Academy was designed to be extremely easy to use for the not-so-tech-savvy homeowners. Yet, the course technology is powerful enough to handle the needs of our multi-screen society.

That means you can watch the videos on you desktop computer, laptop, tablet, ipad, iphone and most smartphones.

Whether you’re at home, work or your child’s soccer game – as long as you have internet access – you can watch the Dream Kitchen Academy video lessons.